CORAMED Medizinische Produkte

CORAMED Medizinische Produkte

More than medical products, a sustainable partnership in health care

Beginnings and development

Coramed, a family business founded by Dan and Claudia Cosman, opened its doors in 2003, in Sibiu, the heart of Transylvania. Initially focusing on the import and distribution of medical disposables, the firm has seen rapid growth. In 2006, after obtaining all the necessary accreditations, Coramed consolidated its presence by opening its own factory in Călan, Hunedoara county. Close collaborations with renowned doctors from Bucharest, Timișoara, Oradea, Cluj and Sibiu have further consolidated the company’s expertise.

The international expansion started with Germany, culminating with the participation in the renowned Medica Düsseldorf medicine fair in 2015. Our presence intensified in 2019, when Coramed had its own stand at this event, marking a historic moment by placing Romania on the map of medical equipment manufacturers . Today, Coramed continues to grow and expand, being a strategic representative in the medical industry globally.

CORAMED prroduction in Călan, Hunedoara: The technological heart of our business

Our factory in Călan, Hunedoara county, covers an area of ​​800m², equipped with its own warehouse on two levels and loading ramps specially designed for transport vehicles. Here, a dedicated team of 98 people work directly in production, using modern machinery that ensures quality and precision. These advanced equipment are able to cut, glue and perforate our carefully selected materials, thus guaranteeing high manufacturing standards.

A turning point in the history of the factory was the investment in 2020 in our first automation machine, specialized in the production of surgical masks. This acquisition turned us into the most important supplier of such equipment during the critical period of the COVID-19 pandemic in Romania, demonstrating our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to critical public health needs.

The CORAMED Vision

Discover the diversity of our range of medical items and equipment, known for their proven effectiveness and adapted to the needs of healthcare professionals and healthcare institutions. We provide fully customizable products, covering aspects such as material, color, size and technical specifications.

Our team of specialists develops customized solutions with an emphasis on functionality, durability and comfort. We ensure you have quick access to the products you need by providing prompt and efficient deliveries.

The values ​​of the Coramed Company


Coramed is committed to providing the highest quality services and products, demonstrating a high level of competence and responsibility in all aspects of its activity.


The company promotes a constant approach to innovation, always looking for advanced technologies to improve its product range and meet the ever-changing needs of the medical market.


Coramed assumes responsibility towards customers, partners and the community in which it operates, respecting ethical standards and contributing to the sustainable development of the medical industry.

Emphasis on Quality at European Standards

At Coramed, our commitment to compliance and adaptation to the new MDR regulations is constant. Our recent actions underline this commitment:

1. Introduction of unique UDI codes, to improve product traceability, with ongoing steps for registration in the EUDAMED system.
2. Collecting and analyzing feedback from all our partners, ensuring continuous improvement of products and processes.
3. Implementation of new conditions for the labeling of devices and for the development of instructions for use.
4. Strengthening our expertise by appointing a person specialized in regulatory compliance, who periodically participates in advanced training programs in the field of medical devices, in accordance with ANMDMR standards
5. Ensuring the traceability of medical devices along the entire supply and distribution chain.
These initiatives reflect our ongoing commitment to medical device excellence and compliance.

Safety and Sterilization of CORAMED Products

At CORAMED, product safety is the essence of our commitment to our partners.
By collaborating with the largest specialized sterilization facility in Germany, we ensure that every CORAMED product undergoes a rigorous sterilization process.

It includes advanced techniques that guarantee the elimination of all risks, thus effectively protecting both patients and medical staff.
All our sterilization processes are both compliant and insured by German safety standards, thus providing an additional guarantee of reliability and confidence in choosing our products.

By opting for CORAMED, you align your clinic or hospital with the highest safety and quality standards, product sterilization using ethylene oxide to ensure full compliance.

Surgery Beyond the Everyday: Covering a Broad Spectrum of Medical Needs

At Coramed, we understand that medical needs go beyond traditional surgery and extend into specialty areas such as veterinary surgery and dentistry.

Therefore, we are dedicated to adapting and developing our products to meet the specific requirements of these fields.

Our extensive range of equipment and materials covers a variety of applications, ensuring that private clinics in all medical sectors find new solutions adapted to their needs.

Work with us!

A career at CORAMED represents an experience in a dynamic, friendly and professional environment, alongside a market-leading company. Find out more about employment opportunities and find out how you can help make a difference within our team!

To discuss how our products can be customized for the specific requirements of your clinic or to initiate a collaboration, we are at your disposal

On www.coramedmp.ro you have quick access to our products. We facilitate the ordering process through a simple and efficient form.
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