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Discover the difference with CORAMED MP: proven effectiveness, customizable products and fast delivery!

CORAMED Medizinische Produkte – More than medical products, a sustainable partnership in health care

Our commitment to social, ethical and environmental responsibility is fundamental to our mission to make customized, efficient and rapid contributions to improving patient care and hospital efficiency. By placing our customers, employees and the planet at the heart of what we do, we generate a positive impact on society today and tomorrow.

Production according to specific indications

From standard items to custom products, every detail reflects our commitment to manufacturing excellence. With maximum precision and rich experience, each item is quality checked to ensure high standards and customer satisfaction.

Safety and sterilization of CORAMED products

CORAMED guarantees the rigorous sterilization of products in Germany
with ethylene oxide, complying with German standards. To ensure
this supreme quality, we make substantial efforts to
coordinate the efficient and safe transport of our products from
Romania to Germany and back. This meticulous process is essential
to guarantee complete patient safety, ensuring that
each product reaches its destination in optimal conditions for sterilization
and subsequent medical use.

Ethics, consulting and professionalism

At CORAMED we are guided by the highest ethical standards, offering personalized consultancy for choosing the best solutions. We ensure the professional training of our employees in finding optimal solutions for the individual problems of our clients. We build long-term relationships with our clients, putting respect, responsibility and professionalism at the heart of our work.

Fully customizable medical products

Descoperiți diversitatea gamei noastre de articole și echipamente medicale, cunoscute pentru eficacitatea lor demonstrată și adaptate nevoilor profesioniștilor din domeniul sănătății și instituțiilor sanitare. Punem la dispoziție produse complet customizabile, acoperind aspecte precum materialul, culoarea, dimensiunea și specificațiile tehnice. Echipa noastră de specialiști dezvoltă soluții personalizate, cu accent pe funcționalitate, durabilitate și confort. Ne asigurăm că aveți acces rapid la produsele necesare, oferind livrări prompte și eficiente.

  • Material selection
  • Layering options
  • The type of operation
  • The particularities of the incisions
  • The precise preferences of the surgeon

Partners in patient care: The CORAMED MP collaboration

We partner with you to enable you to focus less on medical supplies and equipment and more on what matters: patient care.

We support the provision of care at the highest standards, benefiting from an extensive range of innovative medical devices. Our expertise, built over 20 years of operating room experience, is reflected in the solutions we manufacture and supply to private clinics, state hospitals, doctors and our distributors. Strong customer relationships and deep understanding of operating room environments have enabled us to develop reliable, durable and reliable solutions for optimizing surgical processes and interventions.

To discuss how our products can be customized for the specific requirements of your clinic or to initiate a collaboration, we are at your disposal

On www.coramedmp.ro you have quick access to our products. We facilitate the ordering process through a simple and efficient form.
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